The online sports betting industry is a monster as it is growing at a rapid rate every year. The online gambling industry has been on the rise for some time now. Sports betting is one of the core reasons for this. It has gained foothold in the industry and seems to be here to stay. However, the industry has some major problems that need to be worked out. Sports bettors are plagued with poor customer service, poor payment system, and slow processing times and not to mention the frauds and scams. 

Betting Kingz is a new player in the market that already has revolutionized the industry by its intriguing features! Sports betting can be fun, but it’s also a lot of work. There are hundreds of things to consider and research before an individual can start betting, and it’s all because they need to be an expert in their sport. Betting Kingz has created an AI-powered system that handles all of that research for the users; it’s betting made simple.

A Revolutionary Platform

Founded and directed by Chris Sassine in 2020, Betting Kingz is an Australia-based sports betting platform, offering statistical data and predictions across all sports around the world. Quite popular on Twitter with the name BK Sports, the platform has earned a significant recognition throughout the industry. 

The company has grew exponentially and have become one of the most preferred and reliable gambling platforms in the industry. A pioneer in its field, the company has earned a substantial amount of recognition throughout the industry, thanks in part to its high-quality customer service and a dedicated team of experts who have worked to grow the platform and transform it into one of the most dependable betting sites in the industry.

With the aim to make a platform for bettors to change the way they monitor and view sport events, Betting Kingz assists and improves the probabilities for followers and clients when it comes to sports betting at no cost. When it comes to talk about the authentication of the platform, it has 130k+ followers and counting. 

Also known as BK Sports on social media, Betting Kingz has contracts with world renowned betting companies, including 22BET, Subet, Overlyzer, and Betcoza. It is also one of the top 20 biggest statistical tipsters on Twitter. 

Another great thing about this platform is that they have launched an iOS/Android application under the name of Betting Kingz. It’s a convenient means for bettors to place their sports wagers. The app is easy to navigate, responsive and feature-rich. 

It’ll give people predictions on the outcome of their bet and lay out odds. This is one of the amazing and most intriguing features of Betting Kingz. Users can tell it exactly what they’re interested in betting on, and it’ll handle the rest for them!

When it comes to sports betting, especially in the value betting market, it can be tough to decide on reliable information. Betting Kingz is here to cut this barrier! They seem quite devoted and dedicated experts in the industry and want to make it easier for gambling enthusiasts to get the best information possible! They’re certainly a trusted source for everything in sports betting, from news to analysis and even tips.