In sports betting, if in other disciplines the totals are much more diverse, then in football, it is most often offered to play a bet on TB / TM 2.5. Three goals are usually the average expected, and this is what guides this tactic. Here bettors are invited to bet on the exact score and in three meetings at once. For this reason, the number of possible combinations up to 3 goals is 27. This was the name of the tactics.

The Right Situations

You need to select three matches in this situation, where no more than three goals are expected. And then, you need to put down 27 express bets with different variants of the exact score for each meeting. The odds of each coupon will be extremely high, so one winning bet will cover all costs and bring enormous profits.

The disadvantages of such rates are visible to the naked eye. Just one match with more than three goals scored is enough to lose 27 coupons at once. In addition, not all bookmakers allow you to place as many bets on the same events. It is worth clarifying this issue in advance by looking at the company’s rules.


Many beginners believe that it is enough to bet only on favourites to make a profit. This is not the case because bookmakers take everything into account in their odds. As a result, a couple of failures between the leader and the outsiders will block the previously obtained profit. The thought arises that if money is lost on the favourites, you can make money by betting against them. Make a visit to Seputargol and get all the solutions right there.

It is clear that most often, outsiders lose; therefore, they approach meetings in this status. However, high odds for such teams allow covering losses. It is essential to analyze the match and find arguments against the favourite correctly. This tactic belongs to the category of game tactics. For this reason, it can be used live, making sure in practice the strength of the outsider. It will not be superfluous to pay attention to the movement of the coefficients. If it rises on the favourite and falls on his opponent, then the bookmaker assumes a similar outcome.

Individual total

This tactic has a creator known as Dallas. It is also suggested here to pay attention to outsiders and play against them, betting on the individual total. In this case, it is necessary to select championships where not many goals are scored. Next, you need to find a meeting with a clear favourite and wait for the start of the fight. The bet itself is made in the middle of the first half, where you need to play an individual total less than an outsider or no goals at all on his side.


Tactics require good analysis. You should not take meetings where the class difference is too high. In addition, if two goals have already been scored by the middle of the first half, then it is better to bypass the match. The presence of video broadcasting will help in assessing the teams.