In slot joker, you shouldn’t take the thoughtless risk of drawing an extra card if you have a hand worth at least 17 points. If you do, there’s a good chance you’ll jump. If it happened that the dealer’s face down was a face or an ace, your 17 point hand would be uncomfortable enough to lose the bet. It is then better to keep your hand and end up tied with the dealer, rather than losing your bet.

Four Ace Game Cards

Divide Aces, Eights But Not Ten

In agen idn slot joker, the ace is a powerful card. However, if you have a pair of aces, you won’t get more than 12 points. This is why it is important to always split the aces so that you can hope to get 21 twice. Likewise, a pair of 8 allows you to collect a total of 16 points whereas if you split it, you have the possibility of obtaining two hands that can take you to 18 points each.

Basically, you get stronger hands when you split the aces and the 8. However, you should never split the 10. This card is strong at the base, and with a hand of 20 points, you don’t have really need to take the stupid risk of looking for a stronger hand.

Make a Split

Another useful slot joker123 strategy is to split when you have pair. This is to separate the pair to create two hands. If the two cards form a winning hand, you will logically win twice your starting bet. However, if only one card wins you will not win anything, and if both cards do not win you will lose your entire stake.

Double the Bet

It is the opposite of performing a split. After receiving your two cards, you can choose to multiply your bet amount by two. To do this, you must take the risk of receiving only one card in the next round. It must be said that in slot joker online, only the player has this privilege. The live dealer cannot double the bet!


Ace, King, Jack, and King of Hearts Playing Cards

Take Insurance

During a game of slot joker, the dealer may knock out “natural” Slot joker, especially if the first face up card is an Ace. When it is, you can make an insurance bet. This is actually a spare bet worth at most half of your initial bet. This corresponds to a bet that the croupier will have a natural slot joker thanks to a 10 or a face card. If this forecast is true, you will recover a 2: 1 payment on the amount of the stake placed in insurance. However, you will lose the amount of your initial bet.

Conversely, if the face down card does not allow the dealer to make natural slot joker, you automatically lose your insurance bet. As for your initial bet, in this case, everything goes as usual: if your hand is the strongest at the end of the draws, you will cash the corresponding gain; otherwise you will also lose this initial bet. In fact, taking insurance helps lessen the effect of “natural” slot joker, but it greatly increases the house edge.

Here’s an additional strategy: To maximize your chances of winning, don’t hesitate to use your welcome bonuses if you’re a new player. You will be able to earn money without betting a single penny.