The lottery is a game of numbers. Those who play the lottery have to choose a combination of numbers they believe will be selected and then wait. A set of numbers is drawn and then players match their numbers to see if they were correct or not. The numbers help decide the winner and the numbers indicate your chances of winning. Therefore, you have to learn how to choose your lottery numbers if you hope to win the lucrative jackpot being offered. If you are new to the lottery, you will require a great deal of knowledge before you begin. 

The method used by people for choosing their numbers can have an impact on their chances of winning the lottery. Technology has opened up doors to global lotteries for people. Can you play Mega Millions in South Africa? Yes, you can and most people are so excited by the prospect that they don’t put much thought into the numbers they use. However, it is important to remember that this will set you back and you will not be able to grab the prize you are after. You need to avoid some common mistakes when choosing lottery numbers. What are they? Find out below:

  1. Using special events

Some people prefer to pick their lottery numbers based on their birthday, anniversary or any other significant date. The problem with using dates for picking your numbers is that you will never go past 31 and this can reduce the chances of matching numbers that are drawn because most lotteries require you to choose from 49 numbers. There are 18 numbers you are ignoring, which will prevent you from matching the numbers in the draw, letting the jackpot slip away from your hands. 

  1. Choosing numbers in a series

Another mistake that people often make when they are choosing their lottery numbers is opting for those in a given pattern. For instance, some people choose multiples of 5 while others go with odd or even numbers. In fact, some players even choose numbers in a series. If the numbers were drawn in a pattern, anyone who had been analyzing the numbers would have won the jackpot every week. In reality, lottery numbers are drawn randomly and don’t follow any pattern, so you shouldn’t pick numbers in any given sequence. 

  1. Believing in lucky numbers

The simple fact is that there is no such thing as lucky numbers. Every individual is different with a unique story, which means lucky numbers will vary from person to person. Finding the number that’s lucky for you is a lifetime job and not something you can do before you buy a lottery ticket. But, some people will pick numbers like 7, believing them to be lucky. Likewise, some people select numbers that were drawn repeatedly in the last few draws, believing they will be drawn again. Again, the lottery draw is random and these tactics will not work.

  1. Depending on gurus and tipsters

Nowadays, you will find a lot of gurus and tipsters online who claim to be lottery experts. They claim to have inside knowledge of how lotteries work and the ability of predicting the numbers that will be drawn. Unfortunately, a lot of lottery players who are desperate to win will end up using these people and their tips. They learn the hard way that these tips don’t really work and your ticket goes to waste. You shouldn’t rely on anyone but yourself for choosing the numbers you play in the lottery. 

These are some of the common mistakes to avoid when choosing your lottery numbers. If you cannot figure out how to pick, you can use the Quick Pick option on lottery websites, like Lottery Heroes, to choose a combination of random numbers to play. The computer will choose numbers randomly on your behalf and you can use them for entering the lottery of your choice.