Poker is a great way to spend some time with friends or with strangers in a casino. Unlike most casino games, poker is not entirely a game of chance. Careful strategizing can help a player win a hand of poker, which is even more satisfying with a healthy-sized pot attached to the victory.

However, not every poker game needs to be about money. Strip poker is a well-known version of the game, where the pot becomes clothing items instead of chips or cash. Here are some guidelines and rules for playing strip poker:

Get in the mood

While you might enjoy playing video poker or having a regular poker night with your friends or colleagues, strip poker is entirely different. Before starting a game, ensure that everyone present is comfortable with playing. 

Suggest a game of strip poker to your friends before they come over, or you start a round on a video call. This gives reluctant players a chance to opt out without feeling pressured to participate. 

It also ensures that everyone is wearing enough layers of clothing to withstand a few rounds of strip poker! Given the rise of online casinos that do not require you to leave home, an evening of flirtatious fun might be a welcome distraction.  


The fundamental rule of strip poker is that anyone who loses a round has to remove a piece of clothing. How you structure the rules after that depends on you and your group of players. Most people stick to five-card poker when playing strip poker, although you can use any variant. It certainly is a break from your boring WFH routine!  

The stakes in the game are items of clothing. Therefore, players must bet something they are wearing, such as their left shoe. If they lose the game, they must remove their left shoe. This progresses until the player have no more clothing items to remove. In other variations, the winner gets to tell losing players which clothing item to remove. 

Game over

While you might be comfortable playing strip poker until you are completely naked with your intimate partner, this may not be the case when playing in a group. Come up with a game-over limit before starting to play. For example, when a player is down to two clothing items, they are out. Strip poker should be fun and flirty, never leaving someone feeling vulnerable.