Football betting attracts more and more gamblers. It also seems so easy. You select a match, pass on your prediction and then you have to wait until you can rake in the win. But is it really that easy? Certainly not! If you want to be successful with your sports betting, then you have to follow some rules of the game. That starts with good preparation and choosing the right match. Stick here to know some rules of football betting.

And that’s not even talking about the emotions you need to control. Perhaps following the rules of the game online is more important than when you walk into one of the physical betting offices. You are sitting at your computer or your mobile and you can place a bet at any time. 

Rule 1: choose a bookmaker that suits you

Your betting adventure begins with choosing the right bookmaker. Or multiple bookmakers, as you wish. The advantage of having multiple accounts is that you can compare the odds on each bet. Of course you go for the bookmaker where the most money can be won. If you are just starting to gamble, it is best to focus on one bookmaker. This way you keep an overview and you have every chance to master football betting well. It is important that you choose a bookmaker that suits you. 

Rule 2:Go for the right bet

In some matches it is quite clear in advance who will win. In a duel between giant Juventus and the much less successful Cagliari Calcio, the win will probably go to the team from Turin. Especially if they also play in their own stadium.

Now the odds are not that interesting when you bet on winning for Juventus. So you look for a match where the teams are more evenly matched. This results in better odds because the result is less certain. You should not only focus on a 1×2 bet. With this standard betting option, three results are possible: the home team wins (1), it is a draw (x) or the away team takes the win (2). 

It’s an interesting bet, but there are many more options. Bet your money on the football player who scores first, the period in which the first goal falls or the number of yellow cards during the match. The odds on these types of bets are sometimes better than a regular 1×2 bet.

Rule 3: Learn the match you’re betting on

As a football fan, you may consider yourself a true connoisseur. Yet even the greatest experts cannot do without statistics and the latest football news. Because do you know by heart how the mutual duels went in the past? And do you have any idea how fanatical the top striker goes into a match if you express it in the amount of meters he runs? You still need this kind of information if you want to beat the bookmaker. Because that’s really what betting on football is all about .

Rule 4: Don’t be guided by emotions, but by reason

When it comes to budget, you have to keep your emotions in check. And in fact that applies to everything that has to do with football betting. You may have a tendency to bet money on winnings for your favorite team. But is it real that they are going to win or are you just guided by what you hope will happen? To become a successful gambler, you really need to learn to differentiate. 

An extra addition: never gamble when you have too much to drink. Alcohol and football might be a good combination, but not if you also want to gamble. The chances of you listening to your mind and making good decisions are slim. So don’t be surprised if you lose the bet.

Rule 5: Don’t bet too early

The seventh rule applies mainly to pre-match betting. If you scroll through the list of upcoming matches, you might come across an interesting duel that will be played in four or five days. It is wise not to bet immediately, but to wait until the day of the match. 

A lot can happen in those four or five days. Who knows, maybe a player drops out and the trainer thinks this is a good reason to try out a completely new formation. Is the end of the season approaching? Then a team may not have to win again if the biggest competitor for the title loses the day before. So never bet too early so that you really base your prediction on the most current situation.

Finally, it’s all about a fixed strategy

There are many ways you can go about betting on football. You may choose to bet the same amount on each bet. Or you stick to one type of bet because you have become an expert at it. It doesn’t matter what guidelines you set for yourself, as long as you set them up. 

By following a fixed strategy you will be more successful in the long run than if you ‘just do what’ per bet. What you consider success, of course, varies from person to person. One is really going for large amounts, while the other is already happy that the gambling balance is positive at the end of the month. Actually, making a profit should not be the top goal in these sports betting either. It is mainly the fun and extra tension that counts.