Poker is a fantastic game of cards rising fast in popularity across the world. Note that it is a game of skills played worldwide to earn money. Like other games, poker has its own terms and jargon. If you are looking forward to being successful in poker, you should be aware of the poker terms

The terms related to poker will help you ace your gameplay. To excel in live competitions or practice matches, your poker-related basics should be clear and concise. If you are new to poker, learning about these terms related to poker will be of great help. 

No doubt, the competition in major poker tournaments is rising at a fast pace. With these things in mind, let’s take a glance at some of the standard terms which would help you increase your knowledge about poker. 


Trapping refers to a situation where a player attempts to denote a weaker hand for the sake of enticing the opponents. This would allow the player to enable the opponents to bet more aggressively. With trapping, the player also gets the chance to augment the size of the pot they are trying to win. 

ABC Poker 

It is that style of playing poker which can be termed relatively straightforward. Moreover, this style of playing poker is based on the basic knowledge of the game. A player sticking to the ABC playing method will not execute random bluffs. 

Moreover, the player will always adhere to a fixed strategy. To be precise, this style of playing poker is quite effective against the weaker opponents. But one should refrain from playing the ABC poker style while competing against the experienced opponents. 

Action Card 

This poker term refers to a particular card, which comes on the turn or the river. This move allows the players to increase the strength of the hands of the two or more players competing against each other. As customary to its name, this move can significantly increase the betting and raising action. 


This term is commonly used to elaborate on a state when you play in the best possible manner. When you are playing your A-Game, it usually implies that you’re making the perfect decisions that will translate to your success. 

In simple words, you are performing to the best of your abilities. However, you can play your A-Game and still lose if there is variance


Ace-high is known as a poker hand. In this poker hand, the highest card is the ace without making a pair of other more potent combinations. Ace-high allows you to win, and it should be your priority to get this type of hand. 

Angle Shooting 

Angle shooting refers to performing any action which would provide you with an unfair advantage over other opponents. Note that in the technical sense, it is not counted as cheating. 

However, you can land yourself in a lot of trouble in various poker rooms. Angle shooting is usually banned by multiple poker rooms across the world. So you have to be careful while implementing it. 

Big Blind 

It is a popular poker term that has been used by a majority of poker players. Big blind can have two meanings. They are as follows:

  • Big blind can refer to the second position clockwise from the dealer in games that have three or more players
  • Big blind can also refer to the position right after the dealer in the heads-up games

Note that this term also implies to a number of chips that players in the prominent blind position need to place on the basis of the games. 


Blockers refer to the cards that make particular combinations less probable to appear on the board. Moreover, the chances of your opponent leveraging on it are pretty low. With a blocker, you would be able to bluff your opponents more easily. It is a great move you can deploy against the experienced players. 

Community Cards 

Community cards refer to the shared cards which are dealt face up in the center of the table. Moreover, they are shared by all the players. These cards can be used by all the players to construct a hand with the respective hole cards. 

Let’s hope that the terms related to poker, as mentioned above, would help you to compete correctly.