In years gone by, video poker seemed to be the province of America’s gambling mecca, Las Vegas, Nevada. However, this state is not alone in offering video poker. Michiganders have had access to video poker in the state’s Native American and commercial casinos since the mid-90s.

However, the Great Lakes State’s recent introduction of online gambling makes video poker more accessible than ever. Here is what you need to know about playing video poker in Michigan:

Michigan’s online launch

The concept of an MI online casino became a reality earlier this year after its state legislature enacted laws legalizing it. Michiganders and visitors to this great state now have access to various casino sites that offer traditional casino games, slot machines, and sports betting. This is excellent news for soccer lovers who have embraced the state’s soccer betting rules.

While you can gamble online in Nevada, most experts advise against it as Nevada authorities do not regulate the industry. They say that people who play at offshore online casinos that are not state-licensed could fall victim to scams. However, online video poker and sports betting are regulated options, although players should check with the state’s gaming control board to ensure they are licensed.

Michigan casinos

Most of Michigan’s land-based casinos are Native American-owned and offer video poker to visitors. Fewer licenses have been granted to online casinos at this stage as its integration into Michigan’s gambling industry remains in its infancy. Currently, licensed online operators offer video poker to users.

State laws require that online casino operators apply strict geolocation regulations to ensure that all players are within state lines. No one outside Michigan can gamble in its online casinos as this is a contravention of the law and could result in license loss and expensive fines. People playing at Michigan’s online casinos must be 21 and older.

Implications for brick-and-mortar casinos

The transition to online gambling in Michigan is expected to continue growing as long as the risk of Covid infections prevails. However, land-based casino operators predict visitor numbers to return to normal post-pandemic as a trip to one of the state’s many casinos is something most people enjoy in Michigan.

With physical and online casinos part of its expanding gambling industry, Michigan authorities expect more tourists to make the state a travel destination. They enjoy its many other splendors while enjoying some casino and betting action.