Online casinos offer many different casino games so each player can find something they enjoy playing. If you want to only pick the games that offer high payouts you should always check the house edge of the game. House edge determines the advantage that the casino has over you. It is calculated over a long period of time and it describes what percentage of the players’ bets the casino will keep as profit. Each Cozino game offers a different house edge. The lower the house edge, the higher your chances of getting payouts. Below you can read about a few online casino games that have the best payouts.

1. Blackjack

  • The house edge in online Blackjack is minimal, normally between 0.35 – 0.60%.
  • Online blackjack usually uses one or two decks, while land-based casinos use as much as eight. With every deck added, the house edge increased by around 0.02%. That’s why your odds of winning at online Blackjack are higher than when you play it in brick-and-mortar casinos.
  • There exist a number of Blackjack strategies. You can research them, pick one that works best for you and when you get some experience you can increase your chances of winning.
  • With a relatively low house edge, when you play Blackjack you can expect frequent payouts.

2. Roulette

  • There exist two kinds of Roulette: American one, and European one. Each of them has different house edge.
  • American Roulette has the house edge of 5.26%, while European Roulette offers 2.7% casino edge. That’s because the American one has an additional ‘0’ on the wheel.
  • For the best payouts you should always pick the European Roulette.

3. Baccarat

  • When you play online Baccarat, you can bet on ‘bank’ or on ‘player’.
  • If you choose ‘bank’, the house edge equals 1.06%. If you pick ‘player’ the house edge is higher at 1.24%.
  • The Banker bet has the best odds but to prevent players only betting on ‘bank’ casinos introduced a tax for these bets.

4. Slots

  • How much a slot will pay out over the course of its lifetime is determined by the Return to Player (RTP) value.
  • In online casinos players can find slot games with various themes, special features and bonus rounds. Each of the slots offers different payout percentage.
  • On average slots have RTP between 94-97%. Some games, however, can have RTP as high as 99%.
  • If you want to get the best payouts you should always pick slots with RTP higher than 96%.

Examples of the best payout slot machines:

Ugga Bugga from Playtech has RTP of 99.07% and its theme resembles a jungle. Despite its high RTP, it’s a low volatility game. That means that while you can expect to get frequent payouts, they are likely to be small amounts.

Mega Joker by NetEnt is a classic fruit slot machine that has RTP of 99%. In addition to high RTP value, players get a chance to win a huge progressive jackpot.